Hats off to Sherry and volunteers 

Sherry Washburn

What a great week for the Carroll County Relay for Life Cancer Bake Auction held in McKenzie. It has probably set a record this year as far as money raised. It’s nearly up to $15,000 with more money expected to be turned in.

Sherry Washburn of McKenzie, the coordinator of the event each year, does more than her share of work such as rounding up other volunteers to assist with the week-long auction.

It takes a lot of time to do this and a lot of volunteers to make it successful. Even through Sherry does her work from a wheel chair, she is most happy and glad to be a part of the annual fundraiser.

The Carroll North and Carroll South Relay were combined together a few years ago as a unified group and effort for the cause.

Cancer is a terrible disease that causes a lot of heartache, grief and strife for its victims and their families.

Radio station WHDM broadcast the auction each day during the five day period. McKenzie Church of Christ provides a place where the items are displayed.

Hats off to Sherry and all the other volunteers who do such a grand job with this annual event.

You are most appreciated as you raise funds for research and other cancer related situations that will help stamp out this dread disease.

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