Growing Up Fast: How To Change a Nursery Into a Big Kid Room

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Growing Up Fast: How To Change a Nursery Into a Big Kid Room

Time flies for parents. Before they know it, their little one isn’t as small anymore. Parents want their children to grow and develop in a safe environment that meets their greatest learning milestones. Children are growing up fast, so let’s learn how to change a nursery into a big kid room. Follow this blog for ideas on making assessments, so your child can continue to grow in a safe and adaptable space.

Step 1: Assess the Space

Inspect the space before starting any work. If there isn’t a lot of room for bigger furniture pieces, try moving things around. Moving furniture in, out, and around the room can give you a fresh perspective on reoccupying the space.

Make a list of all the tasks you need to complete to ensure your child has all they need and want in their room. Making to-do and want vs. need lists encourages independence in your child and allows them to make more decisions that make them feel like a big kid.

Step 2: Choose a New Color Scheme

Transitioning from a nursery to a big kid room means a new color scheme. Elevate the space using an accent wall—while hard to do, skip the soft pastels, as they may not be suitable for your growing child. Try mature hues like muted blues or greys with an accent wall with a neutral color palette.

Step 3: Update the Furniture

The shift from nursery to big kid room should be like rebuilding a kingdom into an empire. Using furniture that grows with your child is the best investment, such as a convertible crib—a multi-use bed that changes based on your child’s age.

Parents should keep these signs of when to convert a convertible crib in mind so they know when to switch from a crib to a big kid’s bed.

Other furniture recommendations include adding a desk and more storage space for books, toys, and clothes. A cozy reading nook is also an excellent addition for those quiet moments of relaxation.

Step 4: Create a Safe Environment

As your child grows, their needs change, and creating a space that accommodates their new activities and interests is crucial. Try anchoring furniture to the wall, and sand sharp edges with sandpaper. Also, childproof any electrical outlets or cords that might now be more accessible.

Changing a nursery into a big kid room is a challenging yet rewarding experience. By involving your child in the process, you’ll create a space they love. Create unforgettable memories of bonding and growing up in a room built for a big kid. We hope these tips help you in your journey of creating the perfect room for your child!

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