Ground hog day

By russellBUSH

 We are approaching the first of February the old tradition that we call Ground Hog Day in which a weather prognosticator in the form of a ground hog comes out of his little hole in the ground and takes a look around. The legend goes that if he sees his shadow then we are in for another six weeks of wintry weather. If he doesn’t see his shadow, then that means we are in for an early spring.

 There was also a movie several years ago in which Bill Murray played the part of a person that was stuck in a loop on Ground Hog Day. Bill stayed in this loop for 33 years and 350 days in which he repeated the same day over and over.

 What does this have to do with sports you might ask since this is a weekly sports column? I was wondering how it would be if your favorite sports team got stuck in a loop similar to what Bill was caught in the movie Ground Hog Day. What if your team repeated the same season over and over and over.

 Ground Hog Day would be good for the teams that won a lot of games over the course of a season and would be bad for the teams that were mired in a losing season. The movie was the same day over and over but what if it was an entire year over and over.

 Some schools might argue that they are in a loop already as they seem to lose over and over every year. There are the schools that also win all the time on a yearly basis. This column is just having a little fun at the expense of a small rodent type of creature, but I guarantee some schools feel like it is Ground Hog Day all year.

 Of course, in this situation I have had fun with isn’t real and sometimes you win and sometimes you win but I also imagine a season sometimes feels that way. I can say I am rooting for Phil the Ground Hog doesn’t see his shadow so we can have an early spring and maybe warmer weather for baseball and softball.

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