Green Thumb Guidelines: Tips for Keeping Indoor Plants Alive

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House plants are a great way to brighten up any space. Though they often look very lovely immediately after arriving home from the nursery, ensuring that they maintain that beauty can be a bit difficult. Plants are living beings and require specific care to thrive. Not everyone’s born with a green thumb but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on beautiful house plants in favor of a plastic alternative. These helpful tips for keeping indoor plants alive will help you grow your own indoor oasis in no time.

Get to know your plant

Research is a necessary evil when it comes to gardening, but it’s the best way to ensure that your plants receive the care they need. No two plants are alike and each species will require a certain amount of light, water, and humidity. Before adopting any plant, be sure to research which species will thrive best in your home’s conditions. Consider asking a nursery attendant for advice regarding which plant is best for you. You will also need to research the necessary soil conditions for your individual plant. Additionally, things that spell trouble for some plants may enable others to thrive. Becoming root bound, for instance, can cause some plants to become stunted, whereas others, such as spider plants and peace lilies, prefer to be root bound. Understanding all the ins and outs of your plant will enable you to provide them with the best care possible and they will thrive as a result.

Let in the light

Sunlight is the main food source for plants, so the best way to ensure their survival is by placing them in a space that receives adequate light. Bear in mind that not all plants will require the same amount of sunlight. Certain plants, such as those of the pothos and snake plant varieties, can actually thrive under conditions with rather low light. While you can place these plants in an east-facing room, houseplants that require brighter, more consistent light should sit in either west or south-facing windows, as these receive the brightest light throughout the day. You can also give these sunnier plants an added edge by placing them in a garden window. These windows extend outside the house and encase the plant in glass on all sides, ensuring that the plant receives consistent light all day long.

Grow with them

One of the best tips for keeping indoor plants alive is to remain flexible and grow alongside your plants. Plants are living beings and will move through multiple cycles during their lifespan. Remaining flexible and adjusting your plants’ care as they grow is the best way to ensure their continued survival. Repot the plant periodically as it begins to grow and be sure to prune any dead leaves or branches. Pruning dead leaves will allow the plant to focus its energy on putting forth new growth, rather than expelling energy trying to bring dead leaves back to life. You may also need to change the location of your plant periodically. Sun will hit your house differently at different points in the year, and your plant may not always receive consistent sunlight as a result. Moving your plant to follow the sun is the best way to ensure it survives regardless of the season.

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