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Gov. Lee recognizes Bethel’s academic  achievements during campus visit 

SPEAKING – Gov. Bill Lee speaks to students and guests at the Vera Low building.
WELCOME – Bethel University President Walter Butler (left) welcomes Gov. Bill Lee to the Bethel University campus Thursday.
STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION – Gov. Bill Lee poses with some members of the Bethel Student Government Association. 

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee visited Bethel University in McKenzie on Thursday.

During his time on campus, Lee observed Morgan Butler’s class of future teachers in session and addressed a standing room-only crowd of students, faculty and staff members, and local officials in the band room of the Vera Low building.

In his remarks, Lee recognized Bethel’s academic achievements and how today’s Bethel students will lead the state and nation in the coming years.

“The real joy and purpose in life comes when we use our lives to try to impact other people’s lives for good…You are being equipped right now in the disciplines that you are getting in this place to allow you to do that. The future of our state is sitting in this room.”

Bethel students and programs have made headlines in recent weeks for their academic successes and learning opportunities outside a traditional classroom.

In January, Bethel’s  2021 nursing program graduates achieved a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX licensing exam, the assessment of record to measure aptitude for nursing graduates preparing to enter the job market.

“I can’t tell you, the last two years of this pandemic what health care workers have meant to the world and how desperately we need them,” Lee said.

Bethel’s Division of Education was recognized in February by the Tennessee State Board of Education (SBE) for exceeding expectations in two domains of its Educator Preparation Report Card (EPRC): One domain that measures employment and retention rates and one that measures the school’s ability to attract and recruit a strong and diverse cohort of candidates.

In the last year, Sports Management students have volunteered at sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup qualifying matches, NBA All-Star Weekend, and many other events where students get on-the-job-training and make key career network connections for after college as they enter the workforce.

Lee also commented on Bethel’s nationally recognized Criminal Justice program and the gravity of choosing a career in public service.

“It’s a changing world and you have an incredible responsibility there and we’re grateful that you’re investing your lives there,” Lee said.

He told students that the future is in their hands.

“The future of this state is sitting in this room,” he said. “You have these next decades to make Tennessee the best place to live.”

He advised the students that they live in the best place in the USA.

“Tennessee is America at its best,” he said. “It is one of the most moved to states in the country.”

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