Good work, Jim and Ron

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I am not a fan of sports, therefore I never read any of the sports pages. My niece encouraged me to go back and read Jim Steele’s column (4/14).  I agree completely with Mr. Steel, sports and business need to stay out of politics. His article “knocked it out of the ball park.”  The voter law in Georgia is common sense, pure and simple. Showing a valid ID has nothing to do with race or any minority. It should be a law in every state. I am a 73-year-old senior citizen and if I want to buy a bottle of wine I have to show an ID!!!!  For goodness sake, people grow up and quit whining. Mr. Steele, I just may have to start reading your column weekly. Thank you for stating what is so obvious. People need to wake up and pay attention to what is taking place in our country before it is too late.

Again, though I’m not a big fan of sports, Ron Park, your past two columns have also knocked ’em out of the ball park. As always, you were right on target with good information that needs to be shared. Your “Good intentions gone bad” gave a perfect example of what is taking place on our southern border. As always, I thank you for having the courage to express your opinion in such a clear and easily understood manner. As I said to you privately, I worry daily about the changes taking place seemingly daily in our country that are going to eventually ruin our country if not halted. I hope people will read your columns and see things in a different light than what the mainstream media portrays.

Again, thanks to both of these gentlemen for helping get good solid information out to the public, especially to those who only get their information from the mainstream media. The MSM is no friend to America.

Eileen Pritchard

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