Good Friends

Of all the things we collect throughout our lives, I think friendships are among the best.

And those friendships that stand the test of time are truly valuable possessions.

I recently dropped by to visit two such friends, Ernie and Stacy Smothers, at their home in Hollow Rock.

I have known Ernie since I was wee little man. A decade or so ahead of me in years, he was one of my older brother’s closest friends and practically a member of my family. He was a frequent visitor at our house, and me and the other young hoodlums I hung around with invaded his space on a near daily basis.

The crazy times and adventures we have shared (and somehow survived) are numerous beyond count, and whenever we get together, we never lack for stuff to talk about and stories to tell.

I think that maybe Ernie and I’s brains buzz on the same frequency, and some of our conversations are so laden with personal references and allusions (many that only he and I truly understand) that someone listening in might think we’re talking in some kind of crazy code.

Stacy and I were in the same class back at Central, but I never really got to know her until she and Ernie got together. I have to say, those two are a perfect fit, and Stacy can get right in there and hang with us when Ernie and I start diving off the deep end (conversationally speaking).

Ernie and I talk a lot about music (being that we’re both musicians), and we’re always showing off our newest musical toys, making noise, and sharing our latest finds as far as songs, bands, and artists we like.

And we talk about just about everything else under the sun, from tornados to Big Foot.

We also sometimes talk about deeper matters of faith and belief and spirituality. Ernie and Stacy and I all share a faith in Christ, and when our conversations turn in that direction, it’s always a boost and a blessing to talk freely with friends about things that have eternal value.

And regardless of what we talk about, visiting and catching up with Ernie and Stacy is always something I look forward to, and it always lifts my spirits.

So, thank you two for your friendship over the years, and I pray we have many years of friendship to come.

And (speaking in code to Ernie) may the Good Lord take a liking to you and blow you up real good.

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