Giving Gratefully: 5 Tips on Donating Wisely

Donating is one of the best ways to give back to the community, to encourage gratitude in your daily life, and to support those in need locally and around the world. There are tons of nonprofit organizations that strive to help out people dealing with a wide variety of problems. That said, finding the right charity to meet your needs can be challenging, and even then, you want to know that the money you give and the items you donate will actually go to the people you’re trying to help. Check out these important tips on donating wisely! By following these, you’ll minimize the chances of giving to a phony organization and ensure that your charitable acts hit their mark.

Find a Worthy Organization

Finding a charity worthy of your donation can seem quite overwhelming, but there are actually plenty of ways to find the perfect few. It can mean doing some research, but it’s important to feel confident about where your resources are going. You’ll also want to double-check where that money and where those donated items are going to—if you want it to go directly to the source of need, then you’re going to need to research!

Keep a Record of Your Donations

Once you’ve found the charity of your choice and you’ve started giving, make sure to keep track of it. Not only is it important for tax purposes, but it also ensures that you’re giving to the right place. If an organization doesn’t offer or provide you with a receipt upon your donation, then there’s a problem. If you’re going to give money, make sure to give in the form of credit card or check, not cash, and then get a receipt.

Do Not Respond to On-the-Spot Pressure

A lot of people feel pressured to donate, and that gives them a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to future donations. If you are not familiar with a charity who has solicited for donations, request additional information in writing and research it carefully. No true organization will ask you to give immediately.

Figure Out If the Charity Is Registered

Almost all nonchurch organizations have to file financial information annually with the IRS. New charities must register annually, so if the organization is not registered, then that’s probably one that you don’t want to give to.

Think About Volunteering

Lastly, a wise donor will also find more than one way to donate. Supporting charities and those in need goes further than monetary donations and delves into donating time. Try to volunteer for chosen charities—it’s a tangible way to support and will encourage even more gratitude in your daily life.

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