General Sessions Report

   HUNTINGDON – The following cases were heard in Carroll County General Sessions Court on October 19.

Case bound over to Carroll County Circuit Court was:

   William A. Hollowell, Hawkins Lane, Huntingdon, Bound Over for Public Intoxication.

   Chase Norden, Bell Store Road, McKenzie, Bound Over for Possession Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia.

The following cases resulted in guilty verdicts or guilty pleas:

   Linda Bivens, Hwy 104 South, Sardis, Guilty of Resisting Arrest and Driving While License Suspended, 30 days jail and Supervised Probation until costs are paid; Dismissed Charges of Disorderly Conduct and Light Law Violation.

   Brad A. Bristoe, Lower Hunters Trace, Louisville, Kentucky, Guilty of METH – Possession or Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 30 days to serve, 17 days time served, 90 days supervised probation, can be unsupervised probation if costs are paid; Dismissed Charges of Casual Exchange and Possession Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia.

   William Brown, Maytown Road, Huntingdon, Guilty of Probation Violation – Booked, 11/29 sentence, May Do Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Assessment.

   Elizabeth A. Bugg, Clifton Avenue, Nashville, Guilty of DUI – First Offense, $350 fine, 15 days jail time served, 11/14 Supervised Probation, DUI School, and Cannot Drive in TN for 1 year; Dismissed Charges of Implied Consent Violation, Driving While License Suspended, and Registration Expired.

   Cody Forguson, Morningside Drive, Huntingdon, Guilty of DUI – First Offense, $350 fine, 4 days jail, 11/26 Supervised Probation, DUI School, Alcohol and Drug Assessment and follow recommendations, Credit for 4 days in custody, Supervised Probation for 90 day minimum; Dismissed Charge of Implied Consent Violation.

   Blake Garner, Hurt Street, Trezevant, Guilty of Public Intoxication, $50 fine, Unsupervised Probation until fees and costs are paid, and Review Date 11/16/22.

   Brian Herra, Lakewood Lane, Huntingdon, Guilty of Failure To Appear, 11/29 Unsupervised Probation, Defendant will complete a mental health intake and follow recommendations.

   Richard B. Hinson, Jamison Court, Huntingdon, Guilty of Child Abuse/Neglect/Endangerment – Attempt, Must complete a parenting class and provide proof to the court, Probation shall be a minimum of 90 days and all conditions completed.

   Destiny Jones, Magnolia Avenue, McKenzie, Guilty of Probation Violation and Failure To Appear, 11/29 to serve and Supervised Probation until costs are paid.

   Felicia Kay Lahew, Cotham Drive, Huntingdon, Guilty of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, Possession Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, and Driving While License Suspended, $500 fine, 10 days jail, Credit for any time served, Alcohol and Drug Assessment follow Recommendations and provide proof to court, 11/19 Supervised Probation; Dismissed Charges of METH-Possession or Casual Exchange and Financial Responsibility Violation.

   Frank James McCord Jr, Glover Street, Atwood, Guilty of DUI – First Offense and Probation Violation, 32 days jail, Credit for 31 days time served, DUI School, and 10/28 Supervised Probation; Dismissed Charges of Failure To Appear, Driving While License Suspended, Implied Consent Violation, Registration Certificate must be carried, Financial Responsibility Violation, and Drivers To Exercise Due Care.

   Jeffrey Wayne McPeake, Center Point Road, Reagan, Guilty of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange and Resisting Arrest, $750 fine, 15 days jail, Credit for 8 days time served, and 11/14 Supervised Probation; Dismissed Charges of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, (2 Counts) and Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia.

   Adrian Nesbitt, Walnut Avenue, McKenzie, Guilty of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange and Possession Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, $650 fine, 20 days jail, 11/9 Supervised Probation, and Alcohol and Drug assessment and follow recommendations; Dismissed Charge of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange.

   Bradley G. Shepherd, Big Buck Road, Trezevant, Guilty of 2 counts Public Intoxication, $20 fine, 10 days jail split into two 5-day jail sentences, Credit for 10 days time served, Alcohol and Drug Assessment, and 60 days Supervised Probation.

   Jesse Young, Buena Vista Road, Buena Vista, Guilty of Probation Violation, 11/29 Sentence, Defendant shall receive credit for time served and may serve sentence in Mental Health Facility.

The following cases were dismissed:

   David Spencer, Central Avenue, Bradford, Dismissed Charges of Schedule II Drugs: MFG, DEL, SELL, POSS, Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession Firearm With Intent To Go Armed – Dangerous Felony.

   Channon Lee Williams, Big Sandy River Road, Camden, Dismissed Charge of Failure To Appear.

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