General Sessions Report

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   HUNTINGDON – The following cases were heard in Carroll General Sessions Court on August 10 and 11.

Cases bound over to Carroll County Circuit Court were:

   Jonathan Wayne Goodrum, Forrest Circle, McKenzie, Bound Over for Intentional Tampering, Removal, Vandalism To Device, Tampering With Evidence, and Community Supervision Violation.

   Billie D. Pace, Paris Street, Huntingdon, Bound Over for Meth-MFG, Deliver, Sale, Possession with Intent – Drug Free Zone and Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia; Guilty of Meth – Possession or Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 30 days jail, 10/29 Supervised Probation, Sentence concurrent with future Carroll County Sessions or Circuit sentence.

   Steven A. Savoy, Jeanette Circle, McKenzie, Bound Over for Theft of Property – $10,000 – $60,000 and Vandalism $1,000 – $2,500.

The following cases resulted in guilty verdicts or guilty pleas:

   Kaleb Blaze Baker, Wiley Allen Road, Atwood, Guilty of Reckless Endangerment – Vehicle/MISD, Jail sentence suspended, 11/29 Supervised Probation, and PrePay for 3 drug screens; Dismissed charges of Driving on the Right and Implied Consent Violation.

   Robert Lewis Bittner, Woodlawn Avenue, Huntingdon, Guilty of Meth – Possession or Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 30 days jail reporting 9/19/22, 120 days supervised probation if everything paid, may get 30 days credit if successfully complete 90-day IOP; Dismissed charge of Driving While License Suspended.

   Mae A. King-Alvarado, Sam Houston Circle, Clarksville, Tenn, Guilty of Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, $250 fine and 11/29 unsupervised probation; Dismissed charges of Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, Disorderly Conduct, Speeding, and Expired Registration.

   Natalie M. Love, N. Forrest Avenue, Camden, Guilty of Meth – Possession or Casual Exchange, $750 fine, 45 days jail, 10/14 supervised probation and Report date 9/12/22; Dismissed charge of Failure To Appear.

   Cody Lee Lynn, Big Buck Road, Trezevant, Guilty of False Reports – Solicitation, Jail sentence suspended, 30 hours of Community Service, and 11/29 Supervised probation; Dismissed charges of Financial Responsibility Law Violation, Drivers Exercise Due Care, Driving Without a License, and Leave Scene of Accident – Property Damage.

   Daniel Myers, Idlewild-Hollyleaf Road, Milan, Guilty of Failure to Appear and Probation Violation, 90 days jail, $817.64 restitution, 10/29 supervised probation, No Contact with Victim; Dismissed charge of Failure to Appear.

   Ronald E. Pate, Park Cove, McKenzie, Guilty of Vandalism Up To $1,000, 11/29 Unsupervised Probation and No Contact With Victim; Dismissed charges of Driving While License Revoked, Indecent Exposure, Financial Responsibility Law Violation, and Open Container Violation.

   Kevin R. Smothers, Myatt Road, Paris, Guilty of Probation Violation and Failure To Appear, 60 days jail, 9/29 unsupervised probation, and 7 months credit/probation extended for 11/29; Dismissed charges of Failure to Appear (2 counts).

   Zareya Webber, Park Cove, McKenzie, Guilty of Driving While License Revoked, 6 months unsupervised probation.

The following case was granted pre-trial or judicial diversions:

   Deborah Lynn Fowler, Saint Paul Church Road, Huntingdon, Pre-Trial Diversion for Theft of Merchandise – Up to $1,000, Suspended Sentence, No Contact with Huntingdon Business, Defendant shall pay court cost.

   Sandra Jessee, Hwy 219, Huntingdon, Pre-Trial Diversion for Cruelty To Animals, 6 months properly care for animals and allow law enforcement access to animals for welfare checks.

The following cases were dismissed:

   Roman Gregory Melnikoff, Nix Road, Alpharetta, Georgia, Dismissed charge of Cruelty To Animals.

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