Former mayor is new Hollow Rock Alderman

Tim Runions- New Alderman

Tim Runions is on the Hollow Rock Mayor and Board of Aldermen again. He was sworn in as an alderman by Town Attorney Butch Maddox at the beginning of the Feb. 15 meeting after being recommended by Mayor Rob Woods. He once served as mayor and is replacing alderman Morris Rogers who resigned at the last meeting.

Runions has resigned from the assistant Certified Municipal Financial Officer position that he held with the town before becoming an alderman. It is a conflict of interest for a governmental official to be paid in such a manner.

During the meeting, aldermen voted to start Driver Safety Classes. Partime police officer Jeff Winberry is certified to teach the class. Police Chief Tony King plans to become certified so he can be an instructor as well. The cost estimate for the town to begin the classes is $3,452.60.

The classes would be for four hours and would costs $150 for anyone taking the class.

“The instructors would receive $25 an hour,” said the mayor.

In another police related matter, the police chief recommended that Barry Larkins be hired a a pastime officer. However, his request was turned down due to the fact that Larkins has not been to the Academy and is not a certified officer.

“We have to be very selective about who we hire,” said Runions. in fact, it was pointed out that aldermen had voted in the past not to hire an officer unless certified. It could be brought up at the next meeting if placed on the agenda.

Kathie Watch was hired for 20 hours  a week at $10 an hour as the City Circuit Court Clerk. She will assist Town Recorder Sharon Mann.

Ashely Cook spoke concerning his desire to construct single family dwellings on Oak Street. There had been some issues that Cook believed were resolved. However, attorney Maddox said he needed to check it out before Cook proceeded with the building. The matter will be revisited at the next board meeting.

“I have done everything that you all asked me to do,” Cook told the aldermen.

Citizen James Nesbitt , who lives on Holcomb St., spoke to board members concerning an issue that has become a problem in his neighborhood.

He said new neighbors had moved in and had placed a number of junk vehicles on their premises that made the area look unsightly.

“We try to keep our community nice,” he said.

In addition he wondered about the operation hours for this type of business since a lot of the work is done at night, creating a lot of extra noise.

The mayor advised the town was aware of the problem and that the property owner didn’t do what he had been advised to do by the city judge.

“The problem will be revisited,” said the mayor.

Fire Chief Bobby Brotherton said he had sent a compressor to Memphis for a piece of equipment that the fire department needs to make operational. It hasn’t been used in 15 or so years and is a $30,000 piece of equipment.

Matthew and Kathy Townsend who had been on the agenda to speak failed to show up. They own a horse that has been the topic of controversy.

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