Five running for Holt’s House seat

Halford, Stevens face opposition

There will be at least one new face in the state legislature after the August 6 election, representing Carroll County.
Republican Rep. Andy Holt, of Dresden, who represents House District 76, decided not to run again for his seat
after serving for ten years.
Holt cited as one of his reasons for not rerunning as his belief in term limits and the fact that the best term limits
are self imposed.
“There is no crises in our family, and there is no surprise for us in this decision as it was a pre-determined
outcome since the day we were called to run,” he said.

The district includes all of Weakley County and portions of Carroll and Obion Counties.
There are five candidates who have qualified to run for the seat.
Only one is from Carroll County. Keith Priestley lives in McKenzie, but has Weakley County ties. Others in the
race are Tandy Darby, Dennis J. Doster, David Hawks, and John McMahan, all from Weakley County. All are
Republicans with no Democrats qualifying.
In the 79 th House District, incumbent Curtis Halford, of Dyer, will be facing Christine Warrington. The District
includes all of Gibson and a portion of Carroll County. Both are Republicans.
In Senate District 24, John Stevens, of Huntingdon is being opposed by Casey L. Hood. Both are Republicans. No
Democrats have qualified. The District includes the counties of Carroll, Benton, Gibson, Henry, Obion and

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