Faith is key to healthy marriage

Jim and Barbara Holt are Sweetheart Couple of 2022

When Jim and Barbara Holt met in 1967, they could not have known what the next 50 years of their lives would entail. The last half-century has taken them through the Vietnam War, two careers, pastoring churches, and has produced two children , five grandchildren, one great-grandchild (so far), and Carroll County’s 2022 Sweetheart Couple award.

The couple-to-be met in 1967 and dated for a year before tying the knot. Soon after, Barbara became pregnant with their daughter Paula, but unfortunately Jim would miss their daughter’s birth. With his wife 6 weeks pregnant, Jim was drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam for a 13-month tour. Paula was seven months old when Jim first met her.

After the war, Jim went to vocational school to become a brick layer before working for several men in the area including Fred Arnold, Weldon Bennett, and Bobby Hall. He then went to work as in maintenance construction as a subcontractor at Proctor and Gamble, where he worked for 27 years.

In 1976, the couple had a second child, this time a son, Eric.

Jim also went to work during this time as a pastor, serving at Fairview Missionary Baptist Church, Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church, and Caledonia Missionary Baptist Church.

Barbara worked at Publix Shirt factory and Bill Sills.

Last September, Barbara had a stroke and was in the hospital and then to rehab. During this time, Jim has stayed by her side nearly every day. She was recently able to come home and continues to recover.

Jim and Barbara both agree that they have been very blessed with their family and life, and encourage couples young and old to trust in the Lord and depend on Him, praying without ceasing.

Another key to a successful relationship, they agreed, is constant communication.

Jim advises any couple or young family without an active faith and church life to find a good, Bible believing church and a congregation to love and support them.

As part of being selected as the 2022 Sweetheart Couple, Jim and Barbara received the following gifts from sponsors:

  • A bouquet of flowers from Bill’s Florist
  • A heart-shaped peral pendant from Moon’s Jewelry
  • A candle and wooden heart from Small Town Blessings
  • A gift certificate from Gift Grove
  • A gift certificate from Bennett’s Hardware
  • A gift certificate from Magnolia Mercantile Co., and
  • Swan Creek melts from Urban Trading Co.

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