Enjoy Katie Trokey’s ‘Fresh Cut’ Exhibition at The Dixie

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“Fresh Cut” is the latest art exhibit on display in The Dixie’s Ballroom Gallery. St. Louis artist, Katie Trokey, brings her beautiful floral still life paintings to Huntingdon. The art will be on display from Feb. 5-Apr. 27. An artist reception was held on Sat., Feb. 12 from 5:30p.m.-7:30p.m. with the artist present to talk about her work. Katie Trokey has always been moved by color, reflection, and motion. She draws on these concepts when layering textures, intertwined with the various colors and metallics in her abstract paintings. Each piece has a story, often relating to a memory from childhood, or places she has lived or visited. Often times, memories come in flutterings of a familiar scent, sound, or just the feeling of “I’ve been here before.” These moments are translated onto canvas to captivate the viewer and take them to places they may have never been before, but somehow feel the comfort of familiarity.

Katie especially enjoys working with her clients in their homes through private commissions.

“Painting has always been a therapeutic practice for me, as I hope it is for those who view my art as well. I explore new ways to look upon things and places we often take for granted; the details deep inside a collection of flowers, or the way the breeze makes the water ripple or the pine trees bend ever so slightly. I take my brush, my paint, and my subject and transform them into how memories are felt, not just seen. I share with you the comfort and serenity found only in those sweetest of memories from our past.”

The gallery is free and open to the public M-F from 10:00a.m.-4:00pm. An upcoming virtual gallery tour and artist talk will be produced and viewable on The Dixie’s website at DixiePAC.net. For more information on this and other art exhibits, contact Laura at [email protected]

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