Election Commission calls for Aug. 4 election

LOCKING THE BALLOT BOXES – From left, Carroll County Election Commission chairman Ron Reiter and secretary Michael Corrado lock the ballot boxes for the May 3 election during the Feb. 24 Election Commission meeting.

Carroll County Election Commission members met Feb. 22 to call for the Aug. 4 State and Federal Primary, and State and County General Election In addition the members approved the May 3 candidate list, appointed poll officials and locked the ballot boxes for the upcoming May election.

For the May 3 election, voter registration deadline is April 4. The early voting period is April 13-28.and the absentee deadline is April 26.

For the Aug. 4 election, July 5 is voter registration deadline. From July 15-30 is the early voting period. The absentee deadline is July 28 .

 Administrator of Elections Peg Hamlett announced that vendors will make presentations of updated election equipment on Feb. 24. New types of voting machines will be demonstrated.

Commission members reviewed the 104 new voter registrations during the meeting.

Twenty-eight people have qualified for the various positions.

Four persons did not qualify for the positions they picked up paperwork for. They included David Hilliard, Elicia Stevens, Michael Tate and Randy Kelly.

Chairman Ron Reiter and secretary Michael Corrado locked the ballot boxes.

Besides Reiter and Corrado, other election commission members present were Julia Blanks and Linda Wallace. Not present was Nellie Hale.

Hamlett said the next Election Commission meeting will be May 3 on election day.

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