Easy Home Improvement Hacks for Aspiring DIYers

Making a substantial difference in your home’s appearance doesn’t always have to take a large amount effort. We all know that a fresh coat of paint can brighten up an entire room, but we can do many other easy projects as well. All the home improvement tasks listed here are simple to achieve, and they’re sure to liven up the look of your home.

Install Crown Molding

Many homes already have crown molding, but you may want to consider changing things up. Molding isn’t incredibly expensive, and it’s easy to install. Try switching out your current molding for a different variety. You can also install it beneath the ceiling to add a bit of texture to the room.

Reupholster Furniture

Sometimes, new fabric is the solution to revamping your room. Over time, the fabric on your existing furniture will begin to wear, or it may become stained. Luckily, you don’t have to be a sewing expert to replace the fabric. A staple gun is a versatile tool for home improvement, so all you’ll need to transform your furniture is a few staples and your fabric of choice.

Replace Hardware

Updating some of your home’s aged hardware doesn’t take much time or money. Invest in some new knobs and handles for any storage units or doors in your home. Some people like to get creative with their knobs, using objects such as raw gemstones or simply mismatching the knobs. If you get clever, you can use hardware to add subtle adornment to your room.

Get Creative with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to add a pop of fun to a room. Consider installing some wallpaper in your kitchen or bathroom. In your living room, place it on the wall surrounding your fireplace to add that finishing touch to your accent wall. Get creative with the patterns and colors—choose something that effectively displays your personality.

Restain Wood Furniture

We all know the benefits of a new coat of paint, but sometimes a simple stain is the most effective choice. Wood furniture is incredibly sturdy, and it often just needs an external makeover. Take your furniture to the garage and sand it down before staining it. The great thing about stain is that you can always remove it, meaning you can switch things up as needed.

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