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Easter bunny brings joy and cheer to Carroll County children

McKenzian Rebecca Dyal, who dressed as an Easter bunny, and Carroll County deputy Mike Mulligan of
Trezevant teamed up Friday and Saturday to spread some Easter fun and cheer.
The two traveled across Carroll County in a Sheriff’s Department vehicle, stopping when they saw children out
and about. They even surprised several several adults.
“It brought a lot of smiles and joy,” they both said.
They traveled over a hundred miles each day and had planned on continuing their good will mission on Sunday,
but the rain detoured their plans.
The children, who have had to give up Easter traditions such as parties and Easter egg hunts due to the
coronavirus threat, were thrilled with the visit by the bunny and her partner.
“We had so much fun ourselves,” said Rebecca. “I told them someone was going to have to drive me around or
they would have to put the Easter bunny in jail.”
Rebecca has served as different characters in the past. At one time she was the Bethel Wildcat mascot and the
“Cat in the Hat.”
Before they embarked on their journey, they gained the approval of Sheriff Andy Dickson and Chief Deputy
David Bunn, who really liked the idea.
Rebecca put it on Facebook and as people learned about it, they began to get requests from over the county.
Besides having fun, she said she learned a lot about Carroll County.
“It’s the coolest thing I have ever done,” she said.

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