Earline Hammett’s art work exhibited at Harmony Hill

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An art show at Harmony Hill of Huntingdon on March 6 from 1 to 3 p.m. showed off the works of Earline Hammett, 94, a resident of the assisted living facility.

The paintings, mostly of landscapes done on canvas and beautifully framed, were displayed throughout two rooms. A couple of hand saws and saw blades that she had painted with scenes were also exhibited. 

According to family members, most of her paintings were done in the 80’s after which she stopped painting. However, when she moved to Harmony Hill, she resumed some painting at the urging of staff members.

“We were happy to get her back into painting because we knew this was something that she had once really enjoyed,” said administrator Adrienne Wade.

She was the wife of the late Carmack Hammett who served as Carroll County Trustee at one time.

Cookies baked by director of nursing Holly Avalon that resembled art brushes and paint pallets along with fruit punch were served the many guests who came to view the paintings.

There are plans for Mrs. Hammett’s art to be on display at The Dixie in the future.

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