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Drew Powell continues family business of Griffin & Powell Monument Works

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RIBBON CUTTING – Emma Powell, daughter of Drew and Mandy Powell, prepares to cut the ribbon at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Griffin and Powell in celebration of her father, Drew Powell, purchasing the business

On Sept. 9 the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce sponsored a ribbon cutting ceremony at Griffin and Powell Monument Works at 21270 East Main Street to celebrate the new owner Drew Powell.

Griffin and Powell Monument Works was founded in 1942 by Leslie (L. D.) Powell and Paul Griffin.  In the beginning the business was located at the end of High Street and Northwood Drive in Huntingdon.   Before this time L.D. Powell lived in Greenfield, and worked for the Greenfield Monument Company, where he learned the trade, and refined his skills.  

AERIAL VIEW – This is an aerial l view of Griffin & Powell Monument Works in 1980.

Realizing a business opportunity, L.D. and son-in-law, Paul moved to Huntingdon and opened Griffin and Powell Monument Works.  The business operated at that site until 1951 at which time L.D. and Paul purchased property from John L. Smothers and wife Sallie. which is currently 21270 East Main Street in Huntingdon.  L.D. and Paul built the office and manufacturing shop that is still in use today.  L.D. built a house to the North of the shop which is now the Maddox Insurance office.  His son Dewey, and future owner, had built a house to the South of the shop currently known as Bailey Electric.  At some point Paul moved to Waverly and opened another monument sales office which was located on the corner of Powell Ave, and East Main Street.  

NEW OWNER – Drew Powell, the new owner of Griffin & Powell Monument Works, Drew Powell, is pictured with his wife, Mandy, and daughter Emma. Not pictured is daughter, Samantha.,Photo 1131

In October of 1953 Dewey Powell purchased half of the business from Paul Griffin.  He operated in conjunction with his father L.D., until he purchased the remainder of the business in January of 1961.  Dewey was the sole owner of the company until 1980.  While at the helm, Dewey expanded the shop space, built the showroom and a mechanic shop to support the business. 

In 1980 the company was sold to Dewey’s son Charles Powell and son-in-law Jerry Morris.  Charles and Jerry have been respectable pillars in our community and have successfully operated the family business for more than 4 decades offering excellent service with high quality standards which has been a staple of the company for years.  

Drew Powell, son of Charles Powell, has chosen to carry on the family business, with his purchase in June 2022 and forming Griffin and Powell Monument Works LLC.  Drew plans on offering the same great service with excellent quality as the members who have come before him.  Griffin and Powell has quite a bit of history and wishes to honor your family’s history as well.  They specialize in memorializing those of the past and wish to continue that tradition for years to come.

Drew’s wife’s name is Mandy and there are two daughters, Emma and Samantha.

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