Dr. Tony Tucker Retires from TNRMT Board

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   When Dr. Tony Tucker retired on June 30, he had over thirty (30) years combined service in education as a Huntingdon Special School District school board member, as Director of South Carroll Special School District, and as a Tennessee Risk Management Trust board member.

  After graduation from Samford University, School of Pharmacy, Tucker returned to Huntingdon, in 1977 to work with his father, and later his brother, as owner and pharmacist at City Drug Company. During his thirty-five (35) rewarding years as a health care professional and business owner, Tucker married Charlotte Weatherford and together they raised three (3) children, Shannon, Jessica, and Tyler. Tucker sold his pharmacy business to his brother Dr. Tim Tucker and retired from pharmacy in 2011.

   In August of 2011, Dr. Tony Tucker was appointed Director of Schools in South Carroll County Special School District. During his nine (9) years there, he became even more deeply devoted to public education.

 “The faculty and staff at Clarksburg School are proficient, caring, and tireless workers in the advancement of each child,” he said.

 He served for more than twenty-three (23) years on the board of the Tennessee Risk Management Trust. The TNRMT board members are elected positions where he served the TNRMT as both vice-chairman and as chairman. Memorable moments from his twenty-three (23) years include increasing the scope of the Trust to include other governmental entities in addition to school systems, testifying before the joint education committee of the State legislature, and the building of a new TNRMT building in Hendersonville.

   Dr. Phillip Wallace, TNRMT Administrator stated “I will miss working with my friend Dr. Tony Tucker. I served with him for five (5) years as a fellow board member and six (6) years as administrator. He has always had the best interest of the Trust at heart. He will be missed.”

 Dr. Tony Tucker said of his Trust service, “I’ve served on the Tennessee Risk Management Trust Board for many years, and I’m very impressed with the professional and dedicated personnel of this organization. Employees are devoted to assisting and protecting school systems and other governmental entities in Tennessee. I’m so grateful to those who elected me to serve for so many years.”

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