Dealing with addiction is never easy

Addiction can be found anywhere. It affects all walks of life. When faced with a loved one struggling with addiction, some families avoid the topic, while others deny there is a problem and some may get angry. There are more beneficial ways to handle your loved one than reacting in one of those three ways. Here’s why.  

Avoiding and/or denial isn’t going to change anything. Avoiding the situation is only going to cause it to get worse. Denying it is only going to cause you more worry. If you suspect or know your loved one is using drugs, avoiding, or denying the situation doesn’t help them or you. It can make an addict feel as if you didn’t care enough to see they were struggling when you knew the whole time.   They may feel you didn’t want to confront the situation.

Another thing that doesn’t help is getting angry. Yelling at them to just “say no,” isn’t going to resonate with an addict. You must be as calm and rational as possible. The situation is extremely stressful and scary, so is important to be as understanding as you can. Compassionate is going to go much further in resolving things than will anger, avoidance, or denial.  

The first thing you should do is make sure your suspicions are right. You can drug test them and look for paraphernalia. It’s also important to know the signs and symptoms of the different types of drugs and substances someone can abuse. Once your suspicions are confirmed, it is time to act.

Finding out your loved one is using drugs or abusing alcohol is difficult and scary. It is vital for you to understand the treatment options which area available. Making sure you find the best treatment center that will work based on your family’s resources is important. Having a place picked out and ready for them to arrive is key. Waiting can be dangerous. You never know when someone might take their last sip of alcohol or last dose of whatever drug they are using. Acting fast, especially if they are willing is vitally important to getting your loved one help quickly.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, reach out for help before it’s too late. We help people all over the US find treatment and end the web that traps someone in addiction.  

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