Dana Cobb is news E911 board member

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Carroll County E911 Board members welcomed new member Dana Cobb in its Jan. 18 meeting.

She is employed by the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth.

E911 employees will now get 13 paid holidays instead of the 12 they were formerly receiving. The paid holidays will be New year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These days are in accordance with the county’s holidays.

The E911 investments that are in CD’s in various banks are practically drawing no interests, E911 director Kristy Meggs informed board members.She has checked the rates of various banks, but all the interest rates are very low.She said E911 has five CD’s that mature in June.

In another matter, E911 is now  paying $2,354 for insurance on equipment  located in Huntingdon and McKenzie that is no longer in use.

“E911 is paying for something they are responsible for,” said Meggs.

Board members will stop insurance on Huntingdon’s equipment. Meggs will check about McKenzie’s situation to see if insurance should be paid for the phones.

CPA John Wright passed out financial report and noted the E911 District was in very good financial shape.

Meggs said auditors have completed their report and it has been sent to the comptroller’s office.

Before the meeting concluded, board member Adam Allen brought up the matter of exploring the E911 employees’ salaries and giving them raises.

Since the matter was not on the agenda, the rules were suspended in order for discussion and action to be taken.

A study will be conducted based on the population of the county and other director’s salaries in West Tennessee.

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