Creative Home Décor Ideas for Travel Lovers

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Creative Home Décor Ideas for Travel Lovers

Your home décor should reflect who you are and what you love. If you love experiencing new parts of the world, why not decorate to suit that passion? Travel-themed décor brings a sense of excitement and exploration to your home. From gorgeous vacation photos to souvenir collections overflowing with personality, there are many ways to show off your love for traveling. Evoke feelings of adventure and wanderlust with these creative home décor ideas for travel lovers.

Make Your Own Gallery

Gallery walls are a classy and versatile addition to any home. If you’re someone who loves to take photos of your trips, printing and displaying those photos is a worthwhile endeavor. Arrange your gallery wall to show off beautiful landscapes, fun moments with travel companions, and so much more. Establish a sense of elegance with black and white imagery or show off memories with more candid shots. Even if you don’t take a lot of travel photos, you can buy art or postcards on your trips to display on your gallery wall at home.

Display Souvenirs

What kind of souvenirs do you pick up when you travel? From trucker hats to jacket patches, souvenirs are a great way to celebrate the places you visit and remember your trip once you’re back home. Souvenirs can also make for great home décor. There are plenty of ways to display your souvenirs to suit your decorating style. Making shadowboxes with your souvenirs is also a great way to show off your creativity and design skills.

Another creative home décor idea for travel lovers is to show off your souvenir collection with an attractive display. If you buy a specific souvenir everywhere you go, putting up a customized display for your collection is a great way to show off all the places you’ve been. Use a custom display case to show off shot glasses, install hooks to hang keychains, or hang a magnetic strip for all your souvenir magnets.

Get Creative With Maps

Nothing evokes a sense of adventure like a map. There’s something about viewing the world and all of its exciting wonders that makes you want to pack your bags and hit the road right away. Maps are an excellent staple of travel-themed décor.

Get creative with how you display yours! A yellowed or stylistically faded map creates an old-fashioned sense of exploration and discovery. Modern world maps are a great way to show all the places you’ve already been. Use thumbtacks or invest in a light-up map to mark locations you’ve been to or spots on your bucket list!

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