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Creating a Mess: The Most Common Home Organization Mistakes

Organizing is crucial to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for everyone. From opening a floor plan to making your home a safer place to spend time in, it’s only through properly organizing that you can accomplish these goals. However, if you’re going to make the most of this process, you must know what practices to avoid. Otherwise, you risk making the mess even worse than it was before. These are some of the most common home organization mistakes to avoid.

Straightening up Instead of Decluttering

Too often, our organizational process involves picking up clutter throughout the home and relocating it to a less noticeable place. But this only hides the existing problem. A true organization begins with purging your home of any items you don’t need, making space for your necessities to go. So, ensure you’re taking the time to sort through things and throwing out anything that’s taking up space` if you want to make a difference.

Keeping Extras Just in Case

It’s also a common home organization mistake to hold onto extras because there’s a chance you might need them in the future. Though buying items in bulk is a beneficial practice for many household resources, you shouldn’t do this at the expense of your storage space. Limit any duplicates to regularly used products, like toilet paper or disposable plates, and sell any extra tools or appliances you never use. This way, you have more space for the things you use daily.

Not Using Your Attic for Storage

Attics are some of the best places to store seasonal items, decorations, and older clothing. Yet, many homeowners don’t use them in favor of keeping them within arm’s reach. Fortunately, by finishing your attic and turning it into a storage space, you can make more efficient use of this room. With stable flooring and a few tools to help you lift heavy items, you can keep everything you need upstairs without worrying about how you’ll get to it later.

Over-Buying Organizers

While organizing your home is an exciting process, some individuals become so enthusiastic that their new organizers end up contributing to the problem as well. Whether it’s a series of larger bins or flexible cubbies, even these products take up space in your home. So, if you don’t fill them all, they can become a new pile of clutter. For this reason, you should only buy organizational products as you need them. This will prevent you from overbuying and ensure you can store everything.

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