County Roads must meet certain requirements

Roads that are recommended to be added to the county road system will have to meet certain requirements following the action of the Carroll County Legislative Body  Monday night.

It was one of five resolutions that was passed during the 7 p.m. meeting held at the Office Complex on High Street. This is the first meeting there since the COVID 19 pandemic that started last year.

 In order to promote fair and uniform procedures, resolution says, the following requirements must be met:

• A minimum of a 50-foot right of way easement that must be signed by all land owners.

• A minimum of a 20-foot road bed for dead end roads and 28 feet for through roads.

• A minimum of five inches of base gravel.

• A minimum of two-tenths of a mile in length with three households that are being lived in.

• Must have proper drainage (culverts, ditches, and bridges).

• The road surface will be determined by the Highway Commission at a time of request.

• Subdivision roads must have at least four inches of “hot mix” surface to meet TDOT specifications.

• Additional requests must be recommended by the Highway Commission, which consists of the two road supervisors and the county mayor, and then presented to the Highway Committee for recommendation to the County Commission.

Other resolutions on the agenda that passed include:

• A resolution to accept $34,800 in federal funding that has been awarded to the county through USDA Rural Development. If approved, this money will go toward the purchase of new vehicles for the Carroll County Highway Department.

• A resolution to reappoint Chris Gurley to the Carroll County Electric Department Board with term ending July 2025.

• A resolution to reappoint Carolyn Espey to the Carroll County Civil Service Commission with term ending July 2025.

• A resolution to reappoint Johnny Blount, Clarksburg Mayor Dr. Howell Todd, and McLemoresville Mayor Phil Williams to the Carroll County Indigent Care Board with terms ending August 2024.

Other items were also approved at the meeting.

Notaries approved at the meeting were: Gretchen Boucher, Ralph Boucher, Michele K. Cole, Christina Drinkard, Amy M. Flippin, Kim Gilmore, Sharon L. Mann, Suzanne Snider, Michael E. Stafford and Jimmie Sue Staten.

Members of the Legislative Body Committees were announced who are:

Budget Committee – Chairman, Darrell Ridgely; Secretary, Johnny Blount; Manuel Crossno; John Austin; and Vince Taylor. Insurance Committee – Chairman, John Austin; Secretary, Larry Spencer; Jimmy McClure; Lori Nolen and Joel Washburn. Solid Waste Committee – Chairman, John Mann; Secretary, Gerald Scarbrough Jay Phipps; John Austin; and Steve Parker. Tax Rate Committee – Chairman, Vince Taylor; Secretary, Willie Huffman; Barry Mac Murphy; Johnny Blount; and Lana Suite. Purchasing Committee – Chairman, Barry Mac Murphy; Secretary, Paula Bolen; Paula Watkins;  Vince Taylor; Lana Suite; and Joseph Butler. Personnel Committee – Chairman, Gerald Scarbrough; Secretary, Manuel Crossno; Willie Huffman; Paula Watkins; and Randy Long. Law Enforcement – Chairman, Ronnie Murphy; Secretary, Hal Eason; Steve Parker; Jimmy McClure and Joel Washburn. Highway Committee – Chairman, Johnny Blount; Secretary, Paula Anderson; John Mann; Vince Taylor; Jeremy Fowler; Randy Long; and Ronnie Murphy. Properties Committee – Chairman, Hal Eason; Secretary, Randy Long; Gerald Scarbrough; Willie Huffman; and Darrell Richly. Delinquent Tax Committee – Chairman, Jimmy McClure; Secretary, Ronnie Murphy; Jay Phipps; Steve Parker and Darrell Ridgely. Beer Board – Chairman, Steve Parker; Secretary, Jay Phipps; John Mann; John Austin; and Larry Spencer. Rural Fire Committee – Chairman,Jeremy Fowler; Secretary, Jimmy McClure; Lana Suite; Johnny Blount; and Ronnie Murphy. Civic Center Committee – Chairman, Paula Watkins; Secretary, Jeremy Fowler; Larry Spencer; Barry Mac Murphy; and Lori Nolen.  Rules Committee – Chairman, Joel Washburn; Secretary, Randy Long; Gerald Scarbrough; Paula Watkins; and Hal Eason. Resolutions Committee –  Chairman, Larry Spencer; Secretary, Joel Washburn; Manuel Crossno; John Mann and Lori Nolen.

County Mayor Joseph Butler advised commissioners that the delinquent tax report as of June 30 showed an amount of $542,713.57.

The Budget Committee will serve as an Oversight Committee for the American Rescue Plan. The county is due to receive $5.4 million in stimulus funds to spend form the federal government which will have strict guidelines. This money has to be spent by Dec. 2024.

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