County Mayor will not require face masks

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County Mayor Joseph Butler says he will not require the wearing of face masks.

“While I will not exercise the authority given to county mayors by Gov. Bill Lee in Executive Order No. 54 to require the wearing of masks, please do not mistake this as me not encouraging the wearing of them,” he said. “Beyond wearing a mask, The Center for Disease Control continues to encourages the washing of hands regularly, clean and disinfect frequently and avoid large gatherings and travel when possible.”

Lee’s announcement was made July 3 and granted local authority to counties as coronavirus cases continue to spike across Tennessee.

Carroll County now has 18 active cases. 33 recoveries, 52 positive/probable cases, 2,144 negative tests, and one death.

“As we have all seen, our active case count has slowly risen over the last few weeks. With the rise across our state and nation, the conversation has become terribly divisive, and far too political,” said Butler. “While opinions vary on the continuous response to this virus (individually, socially, economically, medically), we must remember we have shared goals of slowing the spread of this virus, protecting our most vulnerable populations from it, and working hard to maintain a healthy economy.”

The county mayor said he is proud of the county’s citizens and the local leadership throughout this medical situation. Through the midst of fear, confusion, and hardships, most all have worked hard to mitigate the spread of the virus. Carroll County Government has distributed thousands of masks, as well as hand sanitizer and gloves, to individuals, healthcare facilities, and first responders. Free masks are available through the Carroll County Health Department.

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