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County election office seeking workers for March primary

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Temporary election workers are being sought to work for the Carroll County Office of Elections during the March 3 Presidential Preference Primary.

At Thursday night’s meeting of the Carroll County Election Commission, Administrator of Elections Peg Hamlett advised commission members that she has sent out 120 letters to potential election workers, and there are still positions to be filled in several voting districts. 

As Hamlett detailed, an officer is needed for the Atwood District, at least two workers are needed for the Cedar Grove District, one is needed for the Concord/Westport District, one is needed for Lavinia, and three are needed for McLemorsville.

The work, said Hamlett, will involve around 12 or 13 hours on March 3, and all workers must be county residents and registered voters and must be physically capable of doing the work.

Regular workers will get a flat rate of $120 for the day, while officers will make $125, plus an extra $20 for transporting the ballot box back to the election office after voting at that district has closed.

All workers will also get an additional $20 if they attend training.

Anyone wanting to serve as an election worker can contact the election office at 986-1968.

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In other business during Thursday’s Election Commission meeting:

•Commission members placed locks and seals on ballot boxes for the county’s 18 voting districts and one for early/absentee voting. These boxes are to remain sealed until voting is completed in the August elections.

•Hamlett said she is planning to install new shelving in the office storage room.

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