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County agrees to Interlocal Agreement with E911

Carroll County will enter into an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for impact payment with the Carroll County Emergency Communications District for needed equipment, according to action taken by county commissioners at the Nov. 12 meeting of the County Legislative Body meeting.

The resolution that passed is an agreement for the purpose of establishing the manner, terms and conditions by which the E911 District will provide funds for the purpose of purchasing three dispatch radio consoles for the sheriff’s office.

The cost of the new equipment is expected to be in the area of $100,000 to $150,000. The equipment is very old and parts can no longer be found.

The E911 Board agreed in an Oct. 22 meeting the the E911 District would enter into an interlocal agreement with Carroll County to make an impact payment not to exceed $100,000 for the purpose of making that purchase.

 Commissioner Joel Washburn of McKenzie, said said during the Legislative Body meeting that McKenzie continues to have problem with dispatching and that officers are unable to hear the dispatcher when in certain areas of town.

County Mayor Joseph Butler said hopefully a solution can be found to the problem.

Three appointments were made to the E911 board with their terms ending in Nov. 2023. Larry Elliott was reappointed with Joyce Noles and Adam Allen being new appointees. Board members Danny Brawner and Terry Bradshaw asks not to be reappointed.

Notaries elected included Dianne Cannon, Tammy Crawford, Suzie P. Edwards, David W. Huss, Jeanne Imhoff, Anita Newbill, Lisa Page and Brittany Tolley.

The county mayor announced that he had received a letter from the state Comptroller’s Office concerning the fact that the county’s 2020 budget has been approved by that office.

It was noted that the Carroll County Indigent Care Board approved $24,452.61 to be paid to Baptist Carroll County for indigent claims which commissioners approved.

Absent were commissioners Willie Huffman, Bobby Argo and Manuel Crossno.

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