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Congratulations to Brooke S. Hodges and other award winners at The Dixie

Brooke Hodges received a much deserved award Thursday at The Dixie’s Annual Volunteer Usher Luncheon.

She was honored for her years of service with the creation of The Brooke S. Hodges award. 

She’s a worker and a half and one that loves to get involved and make things happen. That’s just her way of life and has always been.

If you want something done and done well with every T crossed and every I dotted, just ask Brooke and she will get the ball rolling.

When The Dixie was ready to open several years ago, she took on the task of creating a Volunteer Usher Program.

That program is still in existence today and stronger than ever. It’s not a job with the people who volunteer to usher, it’s a pleasurable experience that grows  into a family like thing, according to the ones that do it year after year. Through her special efforts the clock that Brooke was given represents the 36,597 hours of volunteer service completed to date and the continuation of hours in the future.

Brooke implemented the program in 2005.

The award is for excellence in providing a positive patron experience and Paula Atkins who received Brooke’s first award is certainly deserving as well.

It was a well spent hour and a half on Thursday with more deserving ushers like Ann Noles, Allison Cummings, Wanda Crossett, and Dennis Blackwell being honored with special awards.

The ushers always make your experience at The Dixie a happy one.

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