Common Mistakes To Avoid When Washing Hi-Vis Clothing

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Washing Hi-Vis Clothing
Every individual working in construction, plumbing, or logistics knows their high-visibility clothing needs to be bright and reflective enough for workers to get seen from far distances and at night. However, some workers may not realize that their vests and gear are essential to keeping them safe while working in a public place, so they do not take great care of their hi-vis clothing. Here is a guide to the common mistakes to avoid when washing hi-vis clothing.

The Hi-Vis Aren’t Separated Properly

The thing to remember about hi-vis clothing is that they’re made from fragile fabrics, so they aren’t going to mesh well in the wash with harsher garments. Create a special basket for your high-visibility workwear so they’re always set apart when doing laundry. Wash you’re his-vis gear on its own to keep your clothing intact and save you from needing to replace it.

You Don’t Use Cold Water or the Delicate Cycle

It’s essential to always look at a garment’s label to see the required way to wash your gear. You risk damaging the clothing if you don’t clean it on the delicate cycle or with cold water. Hi-vis with spandex should only come into contact with cold water to avoid shrinking the spandex fibers. Ensure you set the rotation of your washing machine to delicate and the water to cold before you throw your gear in the wash.

You’re Not Air Drying the Clothes

You’ll need to air drive many hi-vis garments because the dryer uses heat and can easily distort the clothing. One of the key ways to maintain high-visibility workwear properly is air drying. Air drying does take time, but having it sit on a hanger instead of using the dryer prevents the reflective tape from coming off and the spandex from shrinking.

Drying the Clothes in Direct Sunlight

While you may feel compelled to dry your clothes outside, keeping them out of direct sunlight is a good idea. While sunlight dries clothing faster, it depends on the fabric material. Some garments can’t withstand too much sunlight because it fades the color or doesn’t completely dry some clothes all the way through. Keep clothes, especially hi-vis, with sensitive materials in areas with minimal natural light.

Keep yourself better informed on the things to avoid when washing high-visibility workwear. These things will stop habits before they ever start.

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