College Living: How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

For incoming college freshmen, the excitement of living on campus is one of the most overwhelming feelings they can experience. Finally out on their own, they can do what they want with their time, set their own curfews, and do chores at their leisure. But once that initial giddiness fades into normalcy, many students begin to feel a bit homesick being away from the room they’ve always known as theirs. This is how to make your dorm room feel like home so you can focus less on missing the past and more on what the future.

Decorate With Your Favorite Pictures and Décor

One of the best ways to bring a touch of home into your dorm room is to personalize it. With all your favorite pictures, knickknacks, and pieces of décor pulled together in this space, it’s no longer a blank, boring canvas. These items keep you connected with your precious memories and loved ones, even while you’re temporarily apart. As a result, you feel like your newfound housing is an extension of your home rather than an unfamiliar environment.

Optimize Your Mattress for Quality Sleep

You can also make your dorm room feel like home by maximizing your level of comfort—and the perfect place to start is with your mattress. When it comes to relaxation, old and squeaky dorm beds aren’t typically what comes to mind. Still, with a few tips for optimizing its comfort, you can make the most of what you have and sleep soundly each night. Some important factors to keep in mind during this process include the quality of your sheets, whether to use a mattress protector, and what accessories would set you most at ease.

Create an Organized, Productive Workspace

You’ll feel more relaxed and in control of your new environment, as well, if you establish a proper workspace to get your projects done. Other than sleeping, most of the time you spend in your room will be to do homework and other related projects. For these tasks, you’ll need to have a spot where you can remain focused and put your all into learning. When setting up your desk, ensure that all your necessary items, from your pencils and pens to your computer and paperwork, are all within reach. This can take a bit of experimentation when working with a small amount of space, but it’s well worth the effort.

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