Clarksburg recognizes Debra Cannon as the 2020 Person of the Year

Clarksburg’s Mayor and Aldermen named Debra “Debbie” Cannon, APRN-BC, FNP as its 2020 Person of the Year at its regular December  28. meeting. Using the city meeting to make the announcement was necessary because of the cancellation of its annual open house where the award is normally announced.  Cannon owns and operates the Clarksburg Family Clinic on Highway 22 South. 

Mayor Howell Wayne Todd said Cannon’s recognition stemmed from her courageous reaction to the horrific September 16 accident at the Clarksburg Supermarket which likely saved the life of Isaac Rhodes, a 16-year-old Clarksburg High School junior. 

Rhodes was injured while cleaning equipment and lost his right hand in the accident. 

 “Some people would say Isaac was lucky that Debbie was close by at the time of the accident, but I don’t believe in luck,” said the mayor. “It was God’s providence that placed her there at just the right moment to step in courageously and competently render emergency treatment. We believed that she deserved to be recognized for her outstanding service on that day as well as for the continuing medical care she provides to the community since she opened her clinic a year ago.” 

HIGH FIVE AWARD – Noah Milam is presented a plaque by Clarksburg Mayor Howell Wayne Todd after being named as the recipient of the High Five Award. Noah helped stabilize Isaac Rhodes following an accident on Sept. 16.

The Mayor and Aldermen recognized 17-year-old Noah Milam with a High Five Award because of his courageous and immediate response to Isaac while using his skills learned in Boy Scouts to stabilize his friend’s condition.  Todd said Noah’s actions were critical until Cannon took over. 

“Noah says he feels he only did what he had to do and thanks the Lord for being with him and keeping him calm,” said Todd.  He is the son of Josh and Erica Milam.

 “Noah is known to shy away from a lot of attention, but we thought he should be recognized for his efforts,” said the mayor. “We are proud of him.” 

The city honored both Milam and Rhodes as Grand Marshals of this year’s Christmas Parade held on December 8.

The mayor informed the board about the success in refinancing the capital outlay note due in 2029 for the last sewer project. 

“The 4.95% rate is steep as our interest payments were $2,456 this year,” said Todd.  “With refinancing, we will have a 2.15% rate which is a 57% decrease. This reduction in interest will affect the bottom line of our sewer operations in a very positive way.”  

The Tennessee Municipal Bond Fund is working with Carroll Bank and Trust to provide the refinancing arrangement. 

“I am most appreciative of Mike Cary and Carroll Bank’s willingness to give us a competitive rate,” said the mayor.  “It is always good to be able to deal with people who are familiar with us.” 

According to Todd, the city has about ten more years of critical debt management on the sewer system and said it is important that current and future city leaders give it careful attention. 

“We have to explore every avenue we know to better manage our debt for the sewer system,” Todd noted.

In other business, the financial statements for November were approved. The next regular meeting of the Mayor and Aldermen is January 25

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