Citizen dislikes government control for doctor visits

Dear Editor,

Those who know me would be justified in expecting me to go into great detail regarding the Ukraine situation.  Truth be told, I simply have no words to express the pain and grief I am experiencing over what I see take place hour by hour.  I ask God daily to forgive me for my lack of faith when I ask “why?”.  I have to keep reminding myself God is in control.

This week I was brought back to the state of our government at home.  One that reminds me that somehow we must take control of government,  before it takes more control of us.  Until a few years ago (before those in power changed the rules) I saw my primary care physician for all my medications.  “They” changed the laws and now I have to see 3 different doctors: my primary care doctor for general health care, a psychiatrist for my depression/anxiety ( it’s not for counseling, simply to get a prescription) and a pain specialist for my pain medications ( I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and a disc pressing on my spinal cord in my thoracic back area).  My primary care doctor was prescribing the exact same medications at the same dose as I get now.   Medicare has to pay for 3 separate doctor’s visits and I pay 3 co-pays. That’s bad enough but when I went to the XXX Pain and Spine Clinic Tuesday I couldn’t believe what took place.

The doctor entered the room and for the first time there was an assistant who also had a computer.  As he scrolled through my visits he said to her “we need to change Thoracic pain to Thoracic radiculopathy” then looked at me and said “we cannot use the word pain but once in a diagnosis”. I said “not again, not even future visits? What am I supposed to say I have a back ache???? But this is a pain clinic!!! ”  Welcome to Socialism. Government needs to stay out of doctor’s offices. Why should the government tell a doctor what he/she can say about a patient? This is government overreach out of control. 

But wait it gets worse…that Florida even felt  it necessary it had to pass a bill prohibiting the teaching of sexual orientation  and gender identity in grades PRE K thru THIRD GRADE is beyond insanity.  The bill was passed on Tuesday 3/8/2022.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out HB #1557. These should not be taught in any school,( some schools are teaching it without parental knowledge) but certainly not at this innocent age. Parents must pay attention to what is being taught in schools.I  What is this country coming to?

America, wake up.  America,  pay attention before it’s too late!!!! (and please pray for Ukraine)

Eileen Pritchard

Clarksburg, TN 

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