Cherished loss 


David Coy 

Three people of historical significance died recently and went on to their eternal reward. All three were very different. One became a household name in the country music industry and to those who followed her career, Loretta Lynn. A second historical figure known in the area of rock ‘n’ roll music also died recently, Jerry Lee Lewis. A third individual you may never have heard of is no less significant. Hannah Pick-Goslar was a dear friend during the important and crucial years of the life of someone whose name you should recognize, Anne Frank. What they all have in common is they touched lives in different ways for different reasons. In this way they are no different from you and I, and the individuals that touch our lives and those we touch.

This places loss in perspective, does it not? You see, we all are not that different from one another regardless of our vocation, financial status, gender, or culture when we consider what is really important. When I was in college I learned a principle that is extremely profound yet also very simple. There are two kinds of people in the world, plus people and minus people. Plus people are those who, after leaving their influence upon you, left you a blessing. You benefitted from them being a part of your life. Minus people are those who leave you feeling robbed, and you are lesser for it. We have so few years with those with whom we will leave a lasting influence, and they with us. I pray we are striving to be someone who leaves a lasting blessing that lingers long after we have departed (Hebrews 11:4). If we may be of service please allow us the opportunity. ~David

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