Chasing the perfect monster drink

I have never been the one to consume monster drinks because of the dangers I have heard regarding racing heart issues and such, and I am more of a coffee man anyway. The only reason I mention it is that I am thinking that before the spring is over, I made need something to take to keep up with the number of sports that are now taking place at Huntingdon High School.

Part of that is a good thing because it gives more children more opportunities to play different sports and more opportunities for kids that are not interested in baseball or softball. I arrived at the school last week to take soccer pictures for the paper, and on one end of the field, the baseball team was going through drills, and on the other end, both the high school and middle school soccer teams were going through drills before the photo session. At the same time there were runners on the track preparing for track and field season.

Baseball and softball seasons start next week for the high school teams and both appear to have very good teams and it very well could be a fun season for both. Also, at about the same time track and field begins, and that bunch have had a lot of success in their short history and could very well duplicate that success once again.

The Middle School Mustang baseball team has already gotten a full week into their season, and for the first time in the history of Huntingdon, both the middle school and the high school are fielding soccer teams. I squeezed a game in for the middle school last week after attending the Blue and Gold game for the Fillies softball team that same afternoon.

I tried cloning myself, but a lot of people talked me out of it. The truth is that it is becoming difficult to be more than one place at a time regarding all the sports that are taking place. As I age (and trust me I am), I am simply learning to just do the best I can and not worry about places I can’t be. Along with six sports going on at same time and editing all the pictures I take and trying to put out a podcast once a week, the idea of having a perfect monster drink to help with the energy I need is a thought that I am considering.

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