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Chancery Court Clerk begins seventh term

Chancery Court Clerk Kenneth Todd was sworn in Sept. 18 by 24th Judicial District Chancellor Carma Dennis McGee to serve six more years. This will be his seventh term and 36 years in this position.

“I am honored to have been entrusted with this position for so long under different chancellors, both Democratic and Republican,” said Todd.

His first appointment was on Oct. 1, 1982 by Chancellor Walton West. Todd has since served under Chancellors Ron Harmon and most recently, under McGee.

The Chancery Court serves as an appellate court for all local governmental units including city councils, beer boards, county commission and any election contests.

Todd has dealt with thousands of cases since being in office.

A Chancery Court Clerk is appointed every six years by the elected Chancellor.

The chancellor has the authority to appoint the chancery court clerk to certain specific duties.

“The chancellor can use the chancery court clerk as the court’s eyes and legs to view situations that arise and report the findings in writing,” said Todd.

The 24th Judicial District consists of Carroll, Decatur, Henry, Benton and Hardin Counties.

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