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Unemployment Numbers from September 2020 to October 2020

Carroll County 7.6%

United States 6.9%

Tennessee 7.4%

Rate decreased in 2 counties

Rate increased in 93 counties

Rate remained the same in 0 counties

 Youth Leadership Carroll County

Youth Leadership Carroll County is underway. The class so far has visited Bethel University, CSI, Dynamix Casting Fluxes, Webb School, The 1,000 Acre Recreational Lake, and Tennessee State Veterans’ Cemetery. The class members are Allie Chappell, Andrew Murphy, Ashlyn Drewry, Bethany Miller, Briley Lankford, Brooke Butler, Carson Warman, Carter Cary, Clark Bradley, Emily Reeves, Hope Coleman, Jaycan Martin, Kailyn Tucker, Kaleb Coleman, Lauren Mansfield, Lyndsey Summers, Maria McMackins, Myles Rogers, Noah Hampton, Perfect Lor, Sarah Derryberry, Sydney Page, Thomas Crews, Tyler Johnson, and Wade Smith.

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