Central names Principal’s Reading Challenge winners

Central Elementary held a Principal’s Reading Challenge for the month of February for all CES students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. 

KINDERGARTEN WINNERS – The Central Reading Challenge winners for kindergarten were first place, Bentley Kemp; second place, Jackson Spears; and third place – Carter Clifton

CENTRAL FIRST GRADE WINNERS -The Central Reading Challenge winners for first grade were first place, Oliver Walden; second place, Channing Dougherty; and third place, Ella Page.

CENTRAL SECOND & THIRD GRADE WINNERS – The Central Reading Challenge winners for second and third grades were first place, Gibson McEwen; second place, Trenton Brickman; and third place, Sadie Jo Thomas. Gibson, a third grader who was the overall winner, earned 75.4 Accelerator Reader points for the month.

CENTRAL FOURTH & FIFTH GRADE WINNERS – The Central Reading Challenge winners for fourth and fifth grade  were first place, Gage Weatherly; second place, Alison Coleman; and third place, Ava Finley.

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