Central Elementary School Honor Roll

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Honor Roll – All A’s

 First Grade – Bren Cool, Channing Doughterty, Ella Page, Taytum Pickler, Preslei Sterling, and Oliver Walden.

Second Grade – Gabby Darda, Gabe Frazee, Vinny Gilbert, Rosalie Malugen, Sophia Malugen, Autumn Moudy, Seiley Parish, Sadie Jo Thomas, Whitley Walters, and Briar Weatherly.

Third Grade – Bentley Blankenship, Easton Bullington, Gibson McEwen, Emily Merkel, and Sydney Parish.

Fourth Grade – Christi Cool, William Holder, Mason McGee, Ariyah Porter, and Junah Smith.

Fifth Grade – Kyleigh Baker, Oliver Bennett, Audrina Castillo, Olive Cole, Alison Coleman, Ava Finley, Anna Frazee, Gage Phelps, Kelli Walters, and Gage Weatherly.

Honorable Mention – All A’s and 1 B

First Grade – Colton Lancaster, Noah Lane, Emerson O’Brien, and Andrew Tedford.

Second Grade – Jayce Carroll, Paisley Floyd, Scott Floyd, Macie Ingram, Brayden Mayberry, Zeppelin Mebane, Joci Oatsvall, Kayden Rogers, and Klover Santaigo.

Third Grade – Trenton Brickman, Kaylin Carey, Trey Crowder, Hunter Deaton, Maddie Williams, and Tiana Woodley.

Fourth Grade – McIver Higdon, Addison Hollingsworth, Lexi Moore, and James Robertson.

Fifth Grade – Jaymie Ash, Joey Baker, Abigail Floyd, Jessica Gipson, Landon Harrison, Alaiyah Hill, Cloe Morgan, Emy Olds, Emmett Pierce, and Jaxon Scott.

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