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Carroll County Sherriff’s Reports

Public Intoxication

  • Macee Danielle Bailey, 24 of HWY 77 out of Huntingdon was charged with Public Intoxication on August 28th.

Around 5 a.m. on August 28th, Deputy Cody Coleman observed an individual sitting down in a ditch off Highland Avenue in McKenzie. The individual was identified as Macee Bailey, she appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant, being very unsteady on her feet and not making any sense. Deputy Coleman asked if she had used any methamphetamines, she stated she had used in the last two days but was unsure. Ms. Bailey did not have any shoes on and was a danger to herself and society being near a roadway under the influence. She was placed under arrest and carried to Carroll County jail for her mandatory 8 hour stay due to public intoxication and a bond set at $2500.00.

Counterfeit, Forgery

  • Felicia Kay Layhew, 35 of Cotcham Dr. in Huntingdon is a suspect for the events that did occur in Carroll County.

On August 31, Deputy Frank McGee took a report from the victim Mary J. Garrison, that her granddaughter, Felicia Layhew came into her home and took multiple blank checks out of her check book. Over several days six different checks were cashed in with the total amount added up to $380.00.  Ms. Layhew deprived the victim of these proceeds.

Drug, Narcotic Violation

  • Darby Dale Hubble, 46 of Greenfield and Jennifer Lynne Mansfield, 46 of Atwood were both placed under arrest for possession of schedule II meth with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia on August 23rd.

Around 11:19 p.m., Deputy Cody Coleman initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for excessive noise from a motor vehicle, failure to maintain lane, and expired registration on HWY 105 near Snider Road. The driver was identified as Darby Hubble and the passenger was identified as Jennifer Mansfield. Deputy Coleman noticed during a conversation with Hubble that he appeared nervous, and his eyes were shifty. Deputy Coleman asked where they were coming from, and Hubble was unable to give a straight answer. Deputy Coleman advised the occupants that he was going to have dispatch run their driver licenses and to wait. During that time Deputy Coleman called for CPL. Scott to come to the location due to him having a K-9. While Deputy Coleman was waiting on dispatch to get information back to him, he advised Hubble that he was going to issue a warning citation for his driving offenses. Hubble went back to the patrol unit with Deputy Coleman for him to fill out the citation, during that time CPL. Scott arrived with the K-9. Deputy Coleman asked Hubble if there was anything illegal in the vehicle to which he replied no. Deputy Coleman requested consent to search the vehicle and was denied. Deputy Coleman asked CPL. Scott to run his K-9 on the vehicle, the K-9 was able to alert the deputies during that time. After searching the vehicle, Deputy Coleman located drug related items, paraphernalia, and substances that tested positive for methamphetamines and a small amount of marijuana. Deputy Coleman confiscated a blue Motorola Cellphone which was believed to be involved with the intent to sell and distribute. Hubble had $1,362 in cash in his wallet, the currency is believed to be profits from the sell of illegal narcotics. Neither party wanted to claim ownership of anything, and both were read their Miranda rights. The two were placed under arrest, the money and vehicle were seized due to intent to sell and transport methamphetamines.

Under Investigation

On August 26th, Richard Bowker, called the Sherriff’s Department of Carroll County and reported that someone had broke into his hunting cabin out on Dollar Lane in Buena Vista. Deputy Jason Walker responded to the call and observed a sprayer that belongs on a four-wheeler, a sleeping bag, and miscellaneous items on the lane going to the cabin. These items were taken from the cabin, the cabins locks were cut off and the power was cut causing the food in the fridge to go bad, along with chairs being broken. The items that are listed were reported stolen and last seen in May include multiple different brands of drills some with cords and some without; two cellular trail cameras, camouflage climbing stand, two jump boxes and charges, one Two-gallon gas jug, three spikes, and a C-Pap machine. The total of the items add up to $2,230.00 and the case is still under investigation.


  • Trevor Thomas Garrison, 40 of McKenzie was charged with a DUI – first offense and a mandatory 8 hour stay in the Carroll County Jail. 

Deputy Cody Coleman initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for failure to exercise due care on Main Street in McKenzie. The vehicle came to a stop at their home residence and the driver was identified as Trevor Garrison. A strong odor came off Mr. Garrison’s person, the deputy advised him to step out of the vehicle and perform some field sobriety test. Mr. Garrison was unsteady on his feet and did have positive nystagmus in both his eyes. Mr. Garrison did not complete the field sobriety test as instructed. Deputy Coleman placed him under arrested for a DUI, Mr. Garrison consented to give to give a sample of his breath for chemical testing. The deputy secured Mr. Garrison’s vehicle and left it at his home residence. According to the intoximeter, Mr. Garrison’s blood alcohol content was 0.203, which is well over the legal limit. 

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