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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

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Protection Order Violation

•Blake Edward Speer, 30, of Buena Vista was charged with violation of an order of protection on Oct. 7.

According to the report by Deputy Tony King, he responded to a call about Speer causing a commotion in front of his wife’s house at 1935 McKee Levee Road. Upon arrival, King found Speer sitting on the tailgate of his truck. Speer was under an order of protection and not allowed to be on the property.

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•Deputies are investigating a theft from private property near Huntingdon.

Larry Boyett Sr. told deputies on Oct. 3 that a 3,000-Watt Dewalt power converter valued at $350 was stolen from inside his tractor trailer, which was parked outside his residence at 3575 Old Stage Road. Boyett said he last saw the converter on Sept. 25. He also reported that six bicycles valued together at $100 were taken from the side of his house.

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Felony Evading

•Blake Edward Speer, 30, of Buena Vista was charged with felony evading following an Oct. 4 pursuit in Hollow Rock.

According to the report by Deputy Cody Walker, he tried to conduct a traffic stop on a red four-wheeler traveling on Highway 70 in Hollow Rock, but the driver, later identified as Speer, tried to evade the deputy for about 4.6 miles reaching speeds up to 65 mph. The four-wheeler crashed in the woods of Preacher Brown Road, and the driver then fled on foot. At the scene of the wreck, Walker found clothes, along with medication bottles and bills with Speer’s name on them.

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License Violation

•Christopher P. Taylor of Camden was cited for driving on a revoked/suspended license during an Oct. 3 traffic stop near Bruceton.

According to the report by Deputy Tony King, he pulled over a 2005 Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Taylor on Highway 70 because there were no taillights on the trailer he was pulling. Taylor did not have a valid driver’s license, and the truck had the wrong tag on it. Taylor said he had borrowed the vehicle, but the person he named as the owner could not be reached. The truck was towed to the county impound lot.

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•Deputies are investigating the recent theft of tools from private property near Huntingdon.

Mark Williams told deputies on Oct. 4 that tools had been stolen from his shed at 2925 Purdy Road. Williams said a neighbor had seen a dark colored Chevrolet Blazer with a loud muffler driven by a thin white male at the address a few minutes before Williams returned home. Reported as stolen were a Dewalt miter saw valued at $200, a Dewalt jig saw valued at $100, a multi-tool trim saw valued at $50, a two-gallon air compressor and nail gun valued at $170, and a set of golf clubs and bag valued at $1,000.

• • •

High Speed Pursuit

•Henry Hansel Adkisson Jr., 34, of Milan was arrested following a July 9 high speed pursuit in Atwood.

According to the report by Deputy Cody Walker, he tried to initiate a traffic stop on a white Camaro traveling on Highway 79 and Stewart Street. The driver evaded Walker, with the pursuit lasting approximately three miles at speeds up to 110 mph. Walker was able to identify the driver as Adkisson, a computer check showed that his license was revoked with four prior offenses. Adkisson was later picked up by officers in Madison County.

• • •

License Violation

•Channon Lee Williams of Camden was charged with driving on a revoked license during an Aug. 4 traffic stop near Bruceton.

According to the report by Deputy Tony King, he pulled over a vehicle driven by Williams due to a nonfunctioning headlight. A computer check showed that Williams’ license was revoked for a prior DUI conviction.

• • •

Theft, Burglary

•Thomas Harold Watson, 53, of 1307 Seminary Street, McKenzie, was charged with theft of property and burglary on Oct. 8 near Bruceton.

According to the report by Deputy Frank McGee, he responded to a burglary in progress on Mt. Pleasant Road, and upon arrival, he found Watson on the property, along with Watson’s Chevrolet S10 pickup truck. While searching Watson’s vehicle, McGee found two chainsaw motors belonging to the property owner.

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