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   Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports


  • Jeremy Scott Vinyard, 34, of Atwood was cited for driving on a suspended #3 and violation of registration. Mr. Vinyard was taken into custody for outstanding warrants.

On August 22, Deputy Scotty Davis initiated a traffic stop on a black truck with expired tags from 2020. A computer check showed that Jeremy Vinyard had a suspended driver’s license with three priors driving on suspended with the latest action date being 03-26-2021 out of Medina. Mr. Vinyard also had active warrants out of Carroll and Gibson County.

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Drug Violation

  • Anthony Mitchell, 54, of Smith Rd. in Camden was placed under arrest for possession and transported to jail by SGT Michael Smith.

On August 24th, around 10 PM, Sergeant Smith initiated a traffic stop on a red Volkswagen on HWY 70 in Bruceton for a light and registration violation. The driver identified as Tina Mitchell stated the vehicle did not belong to her, she was unaware of the light and tags. The passenger identified as Anthony Mitchell, was acting nervous and would not take his hand away from his pocket. SGT Smith was refused consent to search the vehicle and called for K-9 Unit Joey Hedge to bring the K-9 out. K-9 Titus made an alert near the passenger side door where Mr. Mitchell was seated. During a pat down search, SGT Smith was able to locate a small bag of Heroin on Mr. Mitchells body and he was placed under arrest.

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