Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports


•Phillip Richar Colwell, 58, of 888 Republican Grove Road, Trezevant, and Philip Charles Colwell, 37, of Milan were both arrested for aggravated assault, and Aston Steele Salmon was cited for simple assault, all during a May 21 incident involving numerous people in Atwood.

According to the report by Deputy Steven Scott, he responded to a derby event on Rimmer Road after receiving a call about an assault. P.R. Colwell told Scott that several people had assaulted him. Other witnesses at the scene told Scott that an argument broke out when P.R. Colwell refused to pay anyone who participated in the derby. Video footage showed P.R. Çolwell being grabbed from behind by an individual. P.C. Colwell told Scott that he came to the scene after receiving a call from his father (P.R. Colwell) about people trying to assault him. P.C. Colwell said someone hit him in the head with a board. Other witnesses said P.C. Colwell was threatening everyone with an axe pick. Both Colwells said they wanted to file charges against those who had assaulted them, including Salmon, but refused to give a written statement without the presence of an attorney. Video footage showed a white male with long hair punching P.R. Colwell, and when asked, Salmon said that was someone else. Salmon told Scott that P.C. Colwell hit him twice with the axe pick, and that P.R. Colwell attempted to run over him, his pregnant girlfriend, and a child with a vehicle outside the derby area and then returned with a revolver and threatened to kill him.

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License Violation

•Dillon Wayne Smith, 28, of 1215 State Route 77, Atwood, was charged with driving on a suspended license during a May 25 traffic stop in Huntingdon.

Deputy Michael Sevarns reported that he pulled over a vehicle driven by Smith on Paris Street after observing that the vehicle had no tag light. When asked, Smith said he did not have a valid driver’s license, and a computer check showed that his license was suspended.

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License Violation

•Brandon Rayshawn Newberry, 20, of 20590 State Route 114, Hollow Rock, was cited for driving on a suspended license during a May 25 traffic stop in Bruceton.

Deputy Ryan Hamilton reported that he pulled over a vehicle driven by Newberry due to a plate light violation. A computer check showed that Newberry’s license was suspended with one prior offense.

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