Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Multiple Charges

•Michelle Renne Baker, 42, of 607 Marlboro Road, Hollow Rock, and Billie Joe Cruse, 49, of Sugar Tree were recently arrested on multiple charges.

According to the report by Deputy Christopher Adams, he went to 340 Bowden Road in Huntingdon at around 9:15 p.m. on Aug. 28 after receiving a call about a break-in. Adams spoke with property owner Michael Gibson, who said that he came to the property earlier that night, found the back door to his shop open, and found that numerous items valued at thousands of dollars altogether had been stolen. Acting on a tip later that night, a deputy stopped a suspicious vehicle that had been seen on the property and identified Cruse as the driver and Baker as the passenger. An item with Gibson’s name on it was found in Baker’s possession, as well as methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Deputies then obtained a warrant to search the property at 607 Marlboro Road, where Cruse was also allegedly living, and found numerous items that belonged to Gibson both inside and outside multiple buildings on the property.

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•Jerry Curtis Smith, 25, of Milan was charged with DUI and violation of implied consent following an Aug. 29 traffic accident in Cedar Grove.

According to the report by Deputy Steven Scott, he responded to a one-vehicle wreck on Highway 70 involving a vehicle driven by Smith leaving the roadway and striking a tree. While speaking with Smith, Scott noted that he appeared to be lethargic and slow to react. Smith said he was not injured and refused medical treatment. When asked if he had been drinking, Smith told Scott he had had “a couple” but later admitted to drinking a six-pack of beer over the past four hours or so. Smith performed poorly on field sobriety tests and refused to submit to a breath or blood test.

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Assault, Tampering with Evidence

•Justin Lee Harris, 25, of 6250 Buena Vista Road, Hollow Rock, was charged with aggravated assault and tampering with/fabricating evidence following an Aug. 29 incident in the Buena Vista area.

According to the report by Deputy Michael Sevarns, he went to an address on Buena Vista Road after receiving reports about suspicious activities. Upon arrival, Sevarns found a red Ford Ranger in a ditch with excessive damage to the tailgate. Huntingdon resident Dakota Ramsey, the owner of the vehicle, came out from behind a house and spoke with the deputy. Ramsey said that he had been chased by Harris, who was driving a green Jeep Cherokee, and another vehicle. As Ramsey detailed, he had been traveling northbound on Buena Vista Road when he encountered Harris and several other people blocking the road waiting for him. Ramsey said he turned around, and Harris started to chase him in the Jeep, along another person in the other vehicle. Ramsey said he turned off the roadway into a field and Harris followed, ramming the back of Ramsey’s vehicle. Shortly after getting back on Buena Vista Road, said Ramsey, he lost control of his vehicle, ran into the ditch, and then fled on foot towards the house. Ramsey said the driver of the other vehicle, a black SUV, turned into the driveway and yelled at him but then drove away. After viewing outside home surveillance footage at the residence, Sevarns, other deputies, and a state trooper went to Harris’ residence and spoke with Harris. Officers located the green Jeep under a tarp behind the residence. Harris told officers that the Jeep had been parked in that spot for four or five months, but one deputy pointed out that he had seen Harris and the Jeep at another residence earlier that day. Sevarns noted that the hood of the Jeep was still warm, indicating that it had been driven recently, and fresh red paint matching Ramsey’s vehicle could be seen on the front of the Jeep. Further investigation determined that Harris and the others had been in the roadway trying to get a vehicle unstuck when Ramsey drove up. The identity of the driver of the black SUV had not been determined at the time of the report.

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Theft by App

•Deputies are investigating the recent theft of funds from a Cedar Grove resident.

Jennifer Diane Sublett told deputies on Aug. 27 that during the previous night someone had accessed her cash app on her cell phone and transferred $750 from her account without her consent.

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License Violation

•Brian Zollicoffer, 56, of Holladay was charged with driving on a revoked license during an Aug. 31 traffic stop on Northwood Drive in Huntingdon.

According to the report by Deputy Michael Krause, he pulled over a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria driven by Zollicoffer after encountering the vehicle traveling on the wrong side of the road. A computer check revealed that Zollicoffer’s license was revoked for a prior DUI conviction.

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