Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Vehicle Theft, Vandalism

•A stolen vehicle was recently found near Bruceton.

According to the report by Deputy Christopher Adams, he responded to a call on Feb. 19 about a vehicle out in a field on Bruceton-Vale Road. Upon arrival, Adams found a 2003 Chevrolet Impala in the field, and a computer check showed that the vehicle was stolen in Bruceton on Feb. 15. Inside the vehicle, Adams found two cellphones and a work radio box. Adams noted that the vehicle had broken windows and damage to the doors, hood, and trunk.

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Drug Possession

•Samantha Rhea, 39, of 880 Joyner Lane, Lavinia, was charged with possession of schedule II and drug paraphernalia during a Feb. 19 traffic stop near McKenzie.

Deputy Chance Townes reported that he pulled over a 2010 Mercury Mountaineer driven by Rhea on Highway 436 due to a failure to maintain lanes. Townes noticed that Rhea was acting nervously and asked her to step out of the vehicle. As Rhea was exiting the vehicle, another deputy at the scene noticed that she dropped something that looked like a rock on the ground. Closer observation revealed the object to be methamphetamine. While searching the vehicle, deputies found a blue container with meth residue in a drink as if Rhea had tried to destroy evidence. Rhea told deputies that she had a hypodermic needle in her pants and then gave the needle, which was empty, to deputies.

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Possible Fraud

•Raymond Blackburn of Huntingdon told deputies on Feb. 17 that over 200,000 airline miles had been used from his American Airlines Advantage account without his permission.

Blackburn gave deputies the names of six individuals who had allegedly used these miles, all on Jan. 25.

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