Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports


•John Adam Phillips, 32, of 95 Main Street, Hollow Rock, was charged with two counts of simple assault, and Darlareisa White, 21, of 105 Main Street, Hollow Rock, was charged with simple assault following an April 11 incident outside their residences.

According to the report by Deputy Jason Walker, Phillips, White, and two other people were all involved in a physical altercation that started during an argument over property boundaries.

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Court Order Violation

•Nicholas Snati Mineo, 31, of Lexington was charged with violation of an order granting bail by Deputy Jason Walker on April 11 for allegedly violating a court order by staying at a residence on Buena Vista School Road when he had previously been charged with domestic assault against a woman who lives there.

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Simple Assault

•Willaim Duke Moore, 21, of 100 Peggy Lane, Atwood, was charged with domestic assault by Deputy Scotty Davis for allegedly assaulting Blake Garner of Lavinia by hitting him in the head and face at Garner’s residence on April 10.

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Domestic Assault

•Jason Bryant, 34, of 1090 Winston Road, McKenzie, was charged with domestic assault by Deputy Ryan Hamilton on April 10 for allegedly throwing a broom at his mother and hitting her in the arm during an argument at their mutual residence.

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