Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports


•A warrant was recently issued against Samuel Alexander Jewell, 25, of 5965 Hinkledale Road, McKenzie, for theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories.

According to the report by Deputy Christopher Adams, he responded to a call about a trespasser on Sycamore Lane in McKenzie on Feb. 21, and the homeowner showed Adams outside surveillance video of someone later identified as Jewell walking up into the yard, checking both vehicles in the driveway, and then walking away. Adams noted that earlier the Sheriff’s Department had received a call about a vehicle registered to Jewell stuck at the corner of Sycamore and Winberry Place. Deputies later made contact with Jewell, who initially said that he had been on the property to see a girl but then admitted to trying to open the vehicles to get money or gas to get his vehicle unstuck. Later that afternoon, Adams spoke with other residents on Sycarmore Lane, who said that radar detectors valued at $100 each were missing from two vehicles. A neighbor provided deputies with video footage.

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Weapons Violation

•Brian Daniel Abbott, 41, of 109 N. Carroll Street, Bruceton, was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon on Feb. 22 at a Bruceton residence.

According to the report by Deputy Tony King, deputies responded to a call about Abbott having a gun at a neighbor’s house on Carroll Street. Upon arrival, deputies found Abbott on the porch with a 20-guage shotgun. Abbott was found to have felony convictions, and he was then arrested.

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Identity Theft

•Deputies are looking into a case of identity theft involving a fraudulent student loan.

Nathan Garey of Cedar Grove told deputies on Feb. 22 that his mortgage company had contacted him about a student loan that had been taken out in his name back in 2018 in the amount of $2,800. Garey said he didn’t take out the loan and was advised by the lender to file an identity theft report.

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•A warrant for theft was recently issued against Tony Craig Bennett (age and address not provided).

According to the report by Deputy Michael Smith, George Greenway told deputies on Feb. 23 that an antique dinner bell was taken from his property on Thompson School Road near Huntingdon some time during the past few days. Smith noted that he recovered a dinner bell matching the description of the one stolen during a Feb. 17 traffic stop on Browning Highway. Smith did not state in his report whether or not Bennett was involved in that traffic stop.

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•Deputies are investigating the recent vandalism of residential property in Trezevant.

Michael Lovelace told deputies on Feb. 24 that someone broke out five windows at an unoccupied rental property he owns on Newfull Road. Damage was estimated at around $3,200.

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Drugs, DUI

•Jared Lynn Cole, 37, of Springville was charged with possession of heroin, possession of schedule IV, and DUI on Feb. 25.

According to the report by Deputy Cody Walker, he observed a red F-150 stopped in the middle of Humbles Church Road in Huntingdon and found Cole passed out in the driver’s seat. After the deputy woke him up, Cole did not seem to know where he was and he kept fading in and out of consciousness, though, at one point, he did admit to taking Xanax. Walker spotted a plastic baggie in the driver’s side door containing a substance that field-tested positive for heroin. Walker also found two Xanax bars in the middle ash tray of the vehicle.

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Vehicle Stolen

•Deputies are investigating the recent theft of a vehicle in McKenzie.

Jonathan Gaskins told deputies on Feb. 24 that his blue 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 had been stolen from the driveway of his residence on Tower Road. Gaskins said the truck was in the driveway at around 11 p.m. on Feb. 23, but it was gone that next morning. Gaskins described the truck as having a chrome bull bar on the front with two KC lights on the bar, a two-inch leveling kit, and 20-inch aftermarket black wheels. Gaskins also said that there were two firearms – a loaded Glock G33 pistol and a nine-millimeter Beretta – as well several tools and other items in the vehicle. The truck and its contests were valued together at close to $40,000.

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