Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

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•Kenneth Lawson of Hollow Rock told deputies on Feb. 8 that someone had removed the license plate from his vehicle sometime before 8 a.m. that morning.

Lawson said he wasn’t sure exactly when or where the theft occurred.

• • •

Drugs, License Violation

•Eric Dewayne Milton, 52, of 45 Johnson Street, Trezevant, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent, drug paraphernalia, driving on a suspended license, and a window tint violation during a Feb. 7 traffic stop in Hollow Rock.

According to the report by Deputy Cody Walker, he and another officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Milton after observing that the window tinting appeared too dark. A window tint reader showed that it was darker than the legal limit, and a computer check showed that Milton’s license was suspended. Officers found a rock of white powder that tested positive for cocaine in a pocket of Milton’s jacket, and a search of the vehicle yielded three spoons and two pipes with narcotics residue on them, and 3.7 grams of a white powder substance in a container in the glove compartment.

• • •

Disorderly Conduct

•Christian Thurmond, 21, and Ronnie Spruell Jr., 23, both of 52 Hill Top Road, McKenzie, were both charged with disorderly conduct following a Feb. 6 incident at their mutual residence.

According to the report by Deputy Chance Townes, Thurmond and Townes got into an altercation at around 4.51 p.m. regarding one of them not cleaning the house enough. Spruell allegedly struck Thurmond in the face, and then Thurmond shoved Spruell, causing him to fall down and receive a cut on his buttocks. Townes noted that police have received calls in the past about the two brothers fighting.

• • •

Bank Fraud

•The Sheriff’s Department is looking into a recent case of bank fraud.

Henry Rougeau told deputies on Feb. 2 that someone made $977.76 in unauthorized charges on his ATM bank card on Google. The bank has not returned the funds to Rougeau’s account, which makes him the victim in this case.

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