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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

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Stolen Wallet

•Deputies are looking into the recent theft of a wallet containing cash.

Anthony Katzmarek of Bruceton advised deputies on Jan. 15 that he had accidentally left his wallet, which contained around $600 in cash, on the counter while checking out at Dollar General Store in Bruceton. Review of video surveillance showed a woman, who was directly behind Katzmarek in line at the checkout, taking the wallet into her possession. The woman has been identified by authorities, but no charges had yet been filed at the time of the report.

• • •

Drug Charges

Roger Prater, 41, of Huntingdon was charged with drug possession and paraphernalia violations during a Jan. 16 traffic stop in Carroll County.

According to the report by Deputy Scotty Davis, he pulled over a vehicle driven by Prater after observing the vehicle exceed the speed limit and cross over the center line several times on Highway 77. A glass bottle wrapped in electrical tape containing a bar of Xanax pills and glass pipe with drug residue were found in Prater’s possession. Prater passed field sobriety tests, and he told the deputy that mechanical problems with the vehicle caused him to cross the center line.

• • •

License Violation

Amanda Garland, 34, of McKenzie was charged with driving on a suspended license (first offense) and violation of financial responsibility during a Jan. 16 traffic stop.

According to the report by Deputy Steven Scott, he pulled over a vehicle driven by Garland due to a brake light not working. A computer check showed that Garland’s license was suspended, and she was unable to produce proof of insurance.

• • •

Theft, Vandalism

•Deputies are investigating the recent damage and theft of parts from two church buses.

Steve Bunn contacted the Sheriff’s Department on Jan. 18 and advised that catalytic converters were cut off of two church buses parked at David Chapel Methodist Church off Highway 22 South. Bunn said that it was done some time between Dec. 23 of last year and Jan 6 of this year. Total cost of the damage, including parts and labor, was estimated at $1,500.

• • •

Firearm Stolen

•Deputies are looking into the recent theft of a firearm from private property.

Quick James told deputies on Jan. 19 that a 40-caliber Highpoint rifle valued at $163.65 was stolen from his shop beside his home on Terry Road. James said he last saw the rifle on Jan. 12. The rifle was described as having a unique stock that is white with a camouflage pattern.

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