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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

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•Deputies are looking into the recent theft of firearms and a bush hog from private property near Huntingdon.

Nicki Willis told deputies on Jan. 10 that two long guns that had belonged to her recently deceased father were missing from her father’s residence on Bluebird Lane. She said her father kept the guns on either side of the couch, but she was not sure when the guns might have been taken or exactly what type of guns they were. She also said that other family members have been in the residence. Willis contacted deputies on Jan. 13 and advised them that her father’s bush hog, that had been parked next to the barn, was also missing. Willis estimated the value of the guns at $400 and the bush hog at $350.

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Bank Fraud

•A case of bank fraud was recently reported.

Stacy Rudder of Yuma told deputies on Jan. 10 that a man called her cell phone and told her that he was with FirstBank and that her account needed to be updated so he could send her a new bank card. Rudder said that she gave the man her account number during the course of that conversation. Later when she checked her bank account, she found that $317 had been taken out without her knowledge or consent.

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Simple Assault

•Katelynn Sheree Green, 18, of 210 Oak Manor Road, McKenzie, was charged with simple assault following a Jan. 10 incident at her residence.

According to the report by Deputy Christopher Adams, he responded to a call about a domestic dispute at 210 Oak Manor Road and spoke with Green’s aunt, Michelle Byzek. Byzek told the deputy that she and Green, who was no longer at the residence, had gotten into a verbal argument and Green had hit her on the left side of her face. Adams noted that there was a visible red spot where Byzek said Green had struck her. Another officer found Green hiding behind a tree near Highway 79 and transported her back to her residence. Green told deputies she was defending herself. Green was then transported to the Carroll County Jail.

• • •

Assault, 911 Interference

•Joseph Ray Argo, 53, of 6070 East Main Street, Trezevant, was charged with domestic assault and interference with a 911 call following a Jan. 10 incident at his residence.

According to the report by Deputy Chance Townes, the victim, Raven Hudgins, gave a written statement that she and Argo had gotten into an argument, Argo had taken and smashed her cell phone so that she could not call 911, and when she tried to leave, Argo had chased her to her car, where he grabbed her lanyard from her rearview mirror and started hitting her in the face. Hudgins stated that she then drove to her parents’ home in Milan and sought medical attention for her injuries. Townes observed that Hudgins had scratches on both sides of her face. Deputies made contact with Argo, who admitted to breaking the phone, which he said belonged to him, but denied striking the victim.

• • •

Drug Overdose

•Warrants were issued against Winston L. Lowry, 29, of Camden for possession of schedule I drugs and drug paraphernalia following a Jan. 11 drug overdose incident in Hollow Rock.

According to the report by Deputy Michael Smith, he and Bruceton Police Officer Shelton Moon responded to a call about an unresponsive male subject at a residence on Adell Avenue. Upon arrival, they found Lowry lying in the bathroom floor with a used syringe and a pill bottle on the floor beside him. Two more syringes were found on a table, and the pill bottle was found to contain a substance that field-tested positive for heroin. Officers administered Narcan to Lowry to try to revive him before medical responders arrived at the scene. Lowry started to revive after being loaded onto the ambulance. He was transported to a hospital but later released.

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